"For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will always long to return." 
- Leonardo Da Vinci

Name is Sales... Luis Sales. Family Man, IT Guy, Technology Geek, Aviation Photographer.

Once upon a time, there was a twelve-year-old boy who had never flown before, terrified, about to get into a winged aluminum tube that then would go thousands of feet up in the air.

After an incredibly bumpy two-hour flight, he was happy to finally get out of the plane. As he walks away from it, he turns around and thinks “What an incredible thing Aviation is. What a beautiful metal bird. This is just awesome. I’d love to be a Pilot someday!”.

And that was it, from that day on, he was completely hooked on everything that had to do with Aviation. He just had gotten the “Aviation fever”.

Untitled photo

That's me, the guy behind the shots, (the Aero) Luis Sales... 

During that time, at some point, I discovered another passion: Photography. The power to freeze a fleeting moment and make it last forever.

My first camera was a Nikon D7000. It was a great camera but when Canon came up with the 7D Mark II, it just called to me and I made the switch. I’ve never looked back.

The Canon 7D Mark II is the perfect sport/action camera, ideal for Aviation Photography. Even when it’s now considered an “old” camera, it does the job perfectly. Pair it with the Canon 100-400 mm Mk II (a match made in Heaven!) and that’s all you need!

Untitled photo

In front of the mighty F-18 "Hornet", at the Stuart Airshow, Florida.

Of all Photography subjects, Aviation is, of course, my favorite.

Nothing compares to the excitement of seeing these beautiful machines fly while, at the same time, trying to capture that “perfect” shot at the “perfect” moment thru my camera’s viewfinder. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Untitled photo

Spotting at MIA. Thanks to my wife for the cellphone shot!

I spend the whole year chasing Airshows all around Florida, spotting around our local Airports, especially my favorite, Miami International, always looking for the next “perfect” shot. 

I really hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. Thanks for visiting!

- Luis

P.S. Why “the Aero” Luis Sales for my Aviation Photography site? Well, for a couple of reasons...

First, Aero, in the Dictionary, is defined as an adjective, of or for aircraft, of or relating to aeronautics.

Second, when I was studying at the Military Aviation Academy, back in the 80s, in Cuba, from where I’m originally, the main training jet was the Aero L-39 “Albatros”. Such a gracious and noble airplane, it became everyone’s favorite in no time.

Now you know... ;-)

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